Family Law

Family Law

Unlike other areas of practice, we understand family law matters merit a more sensitive and civilized approach, outside the atmosphere of contentious litigation. We regularly encourage our clients to exhaust all alternatives before resorting to court proceedings and endeavour to deal with family law work in a contemporary and constructive like manner.

Should judicial relief become inevitable, our forward-thinking legal practitioners are readily available to advise and represent clients before family law courts in all spectrums of this area.

We undertake and provide assistance in:

 Marriage Dissolution Proceedings
 Custody & Visitation Rights Proceedings
 Child & Adult Support Proceedings
 Alimony Proceedings
 Applications for Adoption
 Paternity Proceedings
 Domestic Violence Matters
 Assets Division & Settlements

While obtaining the desired outcome for our clients is paramount to us, we remain mindful of the broader implications of each case we take on and strive to do so without jeopardising the overall family welfare.


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