Real Estate

Real Estate, Construction & Inheritance Law

While the real estate and construction industry has shown to be a profitable business and a reliable investment option for people and corporations seeking a steady passive income stream; it is considered as one of the most complex and multifaceted areas of practice due to the mix of regulatory and financial issues involved.

Our committed team of practitioners has the expertise and market comprehension to engage with all legal matters pertaining to real estate and construction transactions. We represent and provide integrated legal advice to clients of any size, to safeguard and enforce their rights, in all facets of both commercial and residential property disputes.

We regularly negotiate and execute:

 Sale & Purchase Agreements
 Option Agreements
 Tenancy Agreements
 Land Exchange Agreements
 Property Division Agreements

Furthermore, our clients can benefit from a gamut of other related services, including, but not limited to:

 Drafting & Executing Wills
 Estate Administrations
 Probate & Re-Sealing Services
 Liaison and Submission of Documentation at the Competent Governmental Authorities


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